Food to Avoid When Suffering from Diarrhea

When it has to do with frequent diarrhea, monitoring what you consume becomes very crucial. The food you take into your body has a large impact on the way it goes around your body which in turn has an effect on your bowel movements.

If you know that specific meals cause result in diarrhea for you, then you must be ready to stay away from them. If you are uncertain as to which meals cause the diarrhea, it may still be ideal to consume meals that are friendlier to the gut. This is because choosing to consume meals that aid in soothing your tummy and avoid triggers would aid in seeing you experience less intense or frequent diarrhea.

Below are a few meals you can avoid which are certain to aid you in improving your chronic diarrhea.

They include:


This is another trigger especially if consumed in massive amounts. If you are aware beer or wine results in stomach issues, its best to avoid them. Even if you can consume one without a problem, don’t take in too much as you may end up spending the whole of the next day at the bathroom.

Soft Drinks

These can make diarrhea symptoms worse especially in individuals who have very irritable bowel syndrome. Consuming water is a better alternative to any of these.

Dairy Products

For some individuals, these can trigger diarrhea or bouts. If an individual is lactose intolerant, it means that his/her body has issues with the digestion of lactose which is a kind of sugar milk consists of. Some dairy products sold today have already taken out the lactose so as to let you keep consuming a safer version of the milk you fancy.


Some individuals have high sensitivity to gluten which can result in diarrhea or other stomach issues. Individuals suffering from celiac disease who must stay away from gluten, may not or may have regular diarrhea. Today, there are a lot of products sold in the store which are gluten-free. If you believe gluten in an issue for you, you may want to consult your nutritionist to ensure your diet is free of gluten and still provides you with the nutrients you require.

Fatty or Fried Foods

For some individuals, greasy food can make the symptoms of Diarrhea worse. It is best they are minimized to the lowest or avoided entirely.


The caffeine in colas, tea or coffee can make your gut more active that it is supposed to. This ensures everything is sped up more rapidly through your bowel and it can result in diarrhea. If you consume more than one cup of coffee daily, you might want to cease it and observe if it’s the one responsible for triggering your diarrhea. For lots of individuals, little amount of caffeine does not result in diarrhea so it just depends on your body type.

Health hazards that accompany obesity

Obesity is a state identified by the excess storage and accumulation of body fat. Someone who is obese has a high tendency of dying untimely as compared to a person with an average weight. This is because obesity is connected with other dangerous health-threatening conditions.

Among others, the following diseases are associated with obesity; diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, cancer, a respiratory disorder such as obstructive sleep apnea and asthma, Gout, arthritis, gallstones and gallbladder disease.

The aforementioned diseases, when coupled with obesity, can lead to poor quality of health and even death in the long run.

Below are some of the other health hazards accompanied by this condition. They include:

High blood pressure

When a person goes to the hospital for the treatment of a certain health problem, a reading of their blood pressure is first taken. If the blood pressure is too high, the doctors might not be able to attend to the person immediately as it increases the risk of death. Therefore, some drugs can be recommended for the person to lower the blood pressure before the person can be treated. High blood pressure can lead to another disease such as stroke, coronary heart disease, and cognitive heart failure.


Diabetes is also one of the serious health hazards associated with obesity. A person who is obese will likely have the type 2 diabetes because obesity has been its major cause. Type 2 diabetes can cause infections that are hard to heal, impotence, amputation of body parts, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease and lots more. And at the end of the day, type 2 diabetes can even cause the death of the infected person.

Respiratory Disorders

One of the respiratory disorders associated with obesity is the Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). It is a very grave respiratory disorder which happens in very severe cases of obesity. About 50-60% of people affected by obesity has this respiratory disorder.

OSA occurs when overage fat which has accumulated in the throat blocks the passageways of air during sleep. When this happens, the affected person stops breathing for a while. This occurrence can happen several times in a night. When this repeats itself more often, it reduces the amount of oxygen level in the blood.

High blood pressure, cardiac stroke, heart failure, hypertension or even sudden death can be as a result of OSA in an individual who is obese. Since apnea causes break in sleep, one might not have adequate sleep which in turn brings about drowsiness and fatigue.

Asthma is also one of the respiratory disorders and it has to lead to death among many individuals when not properly attended to.

Heart failure

Obesity can increase the risk of heart failure. This is because obesity is associated with arrhythmia (alteration in the rhythm of the heartbeat). This arrhythmia can cause cardiac arrest which can eventually lead to death.

Also, people with obesity are exposed to a high risk of getting coronary artery disease which is popularly referred to as heart attack.

Negative effects of fried food

Instead of frying, it’s ideal you steam, grill, bake or roast your meal. This is because frying enhances your calories and fat intake mostly if you fry at very low temperatures or use excessive oil or bread food before frying. Putting excessive oil in your pan at a go minimizes the oil temperature and minimal oil temperature enhances the amount of time it takes to fry which in turn enhances the amount of fat taken in while you cook. The increased calorie and fat content enhance the possibility of a range of health issues. Some of these health issues are listed below:

Enhanced Risk of Diabetes

The frequent consumption of fried food has been associated with an enhanced possibility of type-2 diabetes. This is as stated by a study published in April 2011 by Diabetes Care. As shown by another study in 2013, portrayed in Nutrition & Food Study, it is not just food which is deep fried that enhances your risk of diabetes but it was proven that women who consumed mildly fried foods have a higher possibility of experiences diabetes than those who did not eat these foods as much.

Enhanced possibility of Stroke

Meals that contain a large amount of fried food like Southern Cuisine may enhance your possibility of stroke. This was stated in a CBS news report in February 2013. Your possibility of stroke will be increased by 41 percent if you consume fried southern meals 6 or more times weekly in comparison to consuming these kinds of meals once monthly. This was based on a study carried out by the Alabama University, Birmingham. If you fry your meals using a kind of fat that offers lots of saturated fat like coconut oil or butter, it may also elevate your cholesterol and possibility of heart disease.

Increased Risk of Cancer

Reducing the level of fried food you consume can aid you in minimizing your possibility of prostate cancer. Individuals who consumed a higher level of fried foods like fried chicken, fried fish or French fries at least once every week had a higher possibility of prostate cancer in comparison to individuals who consumed these meals less than once weekly. This was as stated by a study stated in June 2012, in the Journal known as Prostrate.

Increased Risk of Obesity

Foods containing an elevated amount of fats like fried foods also have a large number of calories. This is because a gram of fat offers 9 calories in comparison to 4 calories observed in every gram of carbohydrates and protein. If you frequently consume fried food, you have a higher possibility of becoming obese or overweight.


Healthier Fried Food Options

If you cannot let go of fried foods, you can ensure they are healthier. You can utilize unsaturated oils in frying your meals. Some of these include soybean, corn, sunflower, canola and peanut oil.